If you are a tech company that is offering a cloud service, meaning that you have created software that is stored in a cloud and accessed by customers through the Internet, you need to be sure that your cloud is working at peak performance in order to improve the overall reliability of your product. Here are some tips for improving cloud performance so that you can reduce the number of outages that you experience.

1. Utilize Caching

The servers that are going to be managing your cloud are going to experience some downtime. This is only a problem if you have not backed up customer data and if you don't have caching. Caching is when you save information that has been recently accessed in order to reduce the number of searches that you have to do. It assumes that what you needed before will be needed again. If you utilize a cache that is run on a local server that you have more direct control over, you can help reduce outages and ensure that your customers are able to get the services they need in a timely manner. Caching can also help reduce the overall strain on the servers hosting your cloud so you can even use caching to reduce server issues.  

2. Minimize Number of Moves To or From the Cloud

When a customer tries to move data around within the cloud, then he or she is not going to experience much of a wait due to the fact that moving data around on a server or on a network of servers does not produce that much latency. However, should he or she try to move data to the cloud or off the cloud onto a private machine, there is going to be a considerable amount of latency. In order to minimize the amount of latency that he or she experiences, you will need to provide all of the data manipulation tools in the cloud itself, rather than giving them to customers to use on their own machines.

3. Design Your Service to Have as Little Latency as Possible

Finally, try to design your service to have as little latency as possible in order to make sure that you reduce any delays that your customer experiences. You don't have a ton of control over the services that are hosting your cloud but you do have control over your own product and code. Make sure that it's working well. Stress test it before you even think about putting it into the cloud.

For more information, talk to an IT services company that specializes in cloud performance and IT.