When your computer starts running slow and has pop-ups every few minutes, you may feel frustrated and and wonder what is wrong with it. One of the most common reasons you may be experiencing these kinds of problems with your computer is because it is infected with a malware virus. Learn how you can successfully remove malware from your computer and prevent it from becoming infected again.

Disconnect From The Internet

Unplug your computer from the internet and boot it up in safe mode. Bear in mind you should not use your computer until you are prepared to remove malware. In this way, you can prevent it from finding its way into other, more vital files. By booting in safe mode, your computer only loads the files it needs. In safe mode, a malware virus is unable to load at start-up. To get into safe mode, press the F8 key when your computer first comes on and you see any words or graphics on the screen. Pressing F8 will display a menu that shows you where to click for going into safe mode. Once you are operating in safe mode, you can:

  • Delete temporary files: You can find how to deplete temporary files in the settings.

  • Run virus scanner: running virus scanner software is an important step for removing malware and other kinds of viruses on your computer. Bear in mind the importance of purchasing a reliable brand of security software for your computer. Running a temporary free trial of security software is not going to provide you with the highest level of protection from viruses like malware and spyware.

Your security software will provide prompts about the steps you need to take for getting the full advantage of its protection. Once you have finished your security scan, your software should display a report of the viruses it removed.

How To Prevent Virus Infection On Your Computer

making sure you never run your computer online without reliable security software in place is 4extremely important. By not doing so, you run the risk of your computer becoming infected with a virus that could be designed to steal all your personal information. Identity theft is a huge problem because of the way dishonest hackers finding their way into innocent people's computers. Also, avoid visiting untrustworthy websites. Some security software will provide you with alerts when you have landed on a website that is dangerous. Websites like those used for pirating movies or music and websites used for downloading pornographic images are known for causing innocent people trouble through their computers.

Maintaining your computer and making sure your security software remains updated is important. Contact a business, such as Microworx, if you have problems with your computer.