An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software program can be great for business. However, this statement is only validated when you chose a software program with the right level of functionality. Before you go out and invest in a program for your business, there are a couple of factors you want to consider to ensure you are making the right selection.

Understand Your Functionality Needs

When looking at ERP software programs, don't simply choose the option with the most functionality features. This train of thought could cause you to purchase an option that is more of a nuisance than a benefit. Take two customer service departments that perform duties like capturing customer data, handling returns and escalating complaints, for instance. At one company, team members are expected to multi-task and handle each component of the process. At the other company, single employees are tasked a different responsibility within the process.

Although it might seem like they would both have the same software needs, the opposite is true. The company with the multi-task employees requires greater functionality than the company with single-task employees. For the latter department type, if the team member responsible for handling returns still has to navigate through the capturing data screen or escalation screen, for example, this only lengthens the amount of time it takes them to complete their job, decreasing productivity and efficiency.

Know Your Company Objectives

The average individual who decides to invest in an ERP program has one main goal in mind – to enhance their business. This is a great reason to purchase a program, but you need to delve deeper and determine in what areas you want to enhance your business to help with the selection process. For example, are you looking to streamline information by making it easily accessible to all employees in an effort to help them respond to issues in a shorter amount of time?

If the answer is yes, a single system with the highest level of functionality is probably what would work best for you. On the other hand, a company looking to enhance efficiency, might look for a series of subset software systems that allow an individual to complete one specific task in a short amount of time, instead of navigating through a bunch of unnecessary information.

An ERP program is a significant investment. Before making your decision, make sure you are doing your research and speaking with a software representative, like those at Tomerlin-ERP or a similar location.